Side projects

Home projects are essential to learn new technologies and experience new challenges. The constant shift between the state of reading, implementing, debugging and understanding, keeps my mind lean and ready for new challenges. That is why, I usually keep few micro-controllers around. Although most of my projects involve coding, they are not limited by a specific programming language or technology.

In the coming days, I will update this section with few details about the following projects:

Chat Plant, part of an IoT project:

An indoor plant connected to the internet thanks to a Huzzah32 ESP32 feather microcontroller. Using the Telegram messaging app, I am able to get readings from multiple connected sensors (moisture, temperature and humidity sensors) . A chat bot is implemented to interpret human-like messages and execute the necessary commands accordingly.
#chatbot #iot #mqtt

Photo taken when programming a new feature for the Chat Plant project

Photo taken when programming a new feature for the Chat Plant project

A food blog to promote Tunisian recipes:

Before working on Treats Homemade project, I lacked experience in web-design. But in two weeks, I learned how to use the Hugo framework. The blog is hosted on GitLab and deployed using Netlify.

3D modeling:

Using the opensource 3D modeling software Blender, my friends and I, worked together on modeling our engineering school. From the model, we rendered the video below.